HK-618 Heavy Duty Industrial Glue Gun

Power : 600 Watts (thermostat)
Operating temperature  : 140°C~230°C
Discharge rate : 2.0 ~ 2.5kgs / hr
Glue stick : Ø17.5mm~Ø18.2mm
Unit weight : 1.00kg

Temperature Control

With an internal  temperature control
140°C~230°C (284°F-446°F)

With interchangeable nozzle

We offer a wide range of nozzles available for various applications.

Optional Packing in Blow Mold Case

Contents :
1pc Glue Gun
2pcs nozzles:  NR-22, NA-1713               
1pc screw driver

Piece per blow mold case
Packing: 6 sets/ctn/3.1'/15kgs

Standard Packing

Contents :
1pc Glue Gun
1pc nozzle NR-22         
1pc screw driver

Piece per paper box 
Packing: 6 sets/ctn/2.6'/11kgs